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Concept BMW R01 par Ride Mercury


Work In Progress

The genesis, the design, the technique...

Adventure day after day.


From screen to workbench

Digital in the hands

The process of designing and manufacturing CAD parts is often a work of passion and perseverance. Countless hours are spent refining ideas, experimenting with techniques, and meticulously shaping each element. The screen becomes a canvas where our imagination takes shape with virtual brushstrokes.


As fascinating as the digital realm can be, there is an inexplicable joy and sense of accomplishment that arises when our creations finally materialize in physical form, when we can hold them in our hands. The weight of the object, the texture under the fingertips, the quality of manufacturing and assembly, etc. are the palpable manifestation of our dedication to our vision and testify to the unique skills of the partners who support us in France and throughout the world. World.

Promissing performances

Pleasure of riding

Performance has always been one of the common threads of our development, guiding our design from the start. We plan to install four 2.5 kWh batteries in our block, which should allow a range of more than 120 km. Distinguishing the organization of the cells into four packs also makes it possible to optimize the use of complex volumes and facilitate any maintenance operations.

From an engine point of view, the R01 from Ride Mercury will have nothing to envy of its original performance. Our work on the sizing of the brushless motor and the reduction with the reduction gear should allow us to develop a maximum torque of 340 Nm, 15 kW of continuous power and a peak power of 35 kW.



All the elements are there. Their place and function are defined in the development of our solution. The batteries and their BMS (Battery Management System), the motor and its controller, the gearbox, the electronic cards, the charger, the 72-12 volt converter, the fuses, etc. still need to make them communicate together. Optimized several times, it is the electrical harness that the entire team has been working to bring to life for several days.

Impossible ? Let's do it !

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