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Work In Progress

The genesis, the design, the technique...

Adventure day after day.

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Design of our module

From idea to modeling

After intense work refining our 3D model, the time had come to validate the integration of our full-scale modules. Based on real-size 3D prints, we were able to ensure that the engine and the various “casings” found their place in a Series R frame, prior to the first machining.

Among the biggest engineering challenges we faced, the design of our gearbox, the interface between the electric motor and the transmission shaft, notably required crossing numerous technical considerations. In line with our commitment to reliability and durability, we have designed this component so that it can be assembled and dismantled in isolation while maximizing all mechanical tolerances.

Promising performance

Pleasure of riding

Performance has always been one of the common threads of our development, guiding our design from the start. We plan to install four 2.5 kWh batteries in our block, which should allow a range of more than 120 km. Distinguishing the organization of the cells into four packs also makes it possible to optimize the use of complex volumes and facilitate any maintenance operations.

From an engine point of view, the R01 from Ride Mercury will have nothing to envy of its original performance. Our work on the sizing of the brushless motor and the reduction with the reduction gear should allow us to develop a maximum torque of 340 Nm, 15 kW of continuous power and a peak power of 35 kW.


Made in France

In addition to being designed and assembled in our workshops, each of our machines involves a chain of local industrial partners, with complementary know-how. Between the machining of the cylinder head covers and gearbox pinions, the assembly of the batteries, the cutting and folding of the block, or even the supply of the on-board computer, no less than six suppliers support us in the production of specific parts to our solution.

Make our promise of circularity resonate with impact control.

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