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Concept BMW R01 Ride Mercury


Work In Progress

The genesis, the design, the technique...

Adventure day after day.

Concept BMW R01 par Ride Mercury
Concept BMW R01 par Ride Mercury

It's time !

Vintage and era of time

For several years, our country has experienced an ever-increasing enthusiasm for soft mobility. There are numerous policies in favor of low-carbon means of transport and encourage users to take the plunge. But why would buying a new electric motorcycle or scooter be the only option to make our daily lives on two wheels more virtuous?

It is to answer this question that we created Ride Mercury. Lovers of vintage motorcycles, we have given ourselves the mission of offering a high-end retrofit solution that respects the spirit of the original models. Switching from thermal to electric is, for us, a way to offer a brighter future to our rolling stock than the one that is looming before us.

Our approach

Choice of model

With Noil, pioneers of moped retrofit in France, we have just started the design of our first kit which will be intended for BMW R Series from the 70s to the 90s. Drawing on their experience acquired around their two available conversion kits and three others currently undergoing approval, their design office is already providing us with key support, both technically and legally.

To reduce our carbon footprint, we choose sustainability and the quality of the materials used. To reduce our carbon footprint, we also choose premises, that of “made in France”, from design to service providers, whenever possible. Ride Mercury aims to establish itself as an industrial player with a major impact on its sector in Europe.

Concept BMW R01 par Ride Mercury

A promising integration

Our first engineering challenge is to arrange all the components necessary for the proper functioning of our kit. The solution is just a click away and still requires optimization to meet our requirements in terms of autonomy and speed. All the visuals found on this site specify the direction of our choices but are subject to change. Work in progress...the work is in progress.

The original design is our main inspiration.

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