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Motorcycle retrofit and environment

Let’s put our feet firmly in the ground: it’s high time to change our habits. We are facing an unprecedented climate crisis. Decarbonizing our society is the challenge of our time and industry has a major role in freeing us from fossil fuels. This obviously concerns vehicle manufacturers.

Motorcycle retrofit serving the planet

Reducing our impact is not limited to choosing green engines. This involves considering the entire life chain of a vehicle, from its production to its destruction. So yes, swapping your thermal vehicle for an electric one is already a virtuous approach in terms of its life cycle. Retrofitting it is even more so! Ride Mercury was not born from a technical fad. We were keen to develop an impactful solution, convince as many people as possible of its success and impose it as an alternative in its own right.

We are only at the beginning but the essence of the project is:

  •  A conversion with a carbon impact 50% lower than a new vehicle;

  •  An initiative part of a short circuit, for the benefit of a local economy;

  •  The most sustainable processes and materials possible;

  •  Kits designed to be scalable and easy maintenance operations.

So yes, “the good old days”... but what if we thought differently?

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